Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Question: What is the purpose of MSOTA?
Answer: The objective of MSOTA is to further the advancement of the occupational therapy profession, to increase the public’s awareness of the contribution of occupational therapy to enhance health, wellness, and quality of life; and to increase access for occupational therapy services.

Question: How does MSOTA work for the OT profession?
Answer: MSOTA works closely with legislators, insurance providers, and other healthcare professionals in defining OT as a needed service; promotes public awareness, supports and advocates efforts to extend reimbursement for OT coverage in various practice settings, serves as a liaison between practitioners and the Mississippi State Board of Health, and provides updates on current trends/topics that affect the profession.

Question: What benefits are provided to MSOTA members?
Answer: MSOTA members receive discounted rates to CEU seminars, newsletters with updates on issues affecting the profession, free mini-conferences, scholarships for students, a legislative voice, an opportunity to network with other practitioners throughout the state, an opportunity to be involved, and advocacy for the profession.

Question: How do I know if my MSOTA membership is current?
Answer: The Executive Director sends email notification one month prior to membership expiration. If a membership renewal is not completed within 30 days of this email notification, the Executive Director then mails a letter and membership application form. If members are unsure of their current status, simply send an email to [email protected], use the contact form on our website, or call 601-853-9564.

Question: How can I renew my membership?
Answer: Membership can be renewed on line by visiting our website and completing the membership application with payment on line or printing the application and mailing it with payment to P. O. Box 2188 in Brandon, MS 39043.

Question: How can I get more involved as an MSOTA member?
Answer: There are several ways members can be involved with MSOTA: Indicate your preference of involvement on the application form when applying or renewing your membership and a committee chair will be in contact, email your interest to [email protected] (or use the contact form on our website) and it will be forwarded to the respective party, attend events and conferences and volunteer to help, and keep your membership current!

Question: Can I be a member of MSOTA if I am not an OT/OTA/student?
Answer: Yes. MSOTA allows membership status as Associate member. The membership application form can be referenced for application and payment.

Question: Can I sponsor an MSOTA event?
Answer: Yes. Send an email to [email protected] (or use the contact form on our website) to inquire about upcoming events in which you or your company can participate. Our website as well as our Facebook page are also good sources of information on ways sponsors can get involved.

Question: Does MSOTA provide for fieldwork placements and/or observation hours?
Answer: No. MSOTA does not provide for either nor do we provide our list of members to outside sources.

Question: Where do I get licensed?
Answer: The Mississippi State Department of Health provides licensure for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants. More information regarding the license application process as well as the regulations can be found at

Question: How do I know how many continuing education hours are needed for licensure?
Answer: The requirements for continuing education are listed in the regulations found on the Mississippi State Department of Health website at