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This year (2023), MSOTA is working with AOTA to introduce HB478, an OT Compact Licensure bill for approval by our state legislators.  We have also obtained the services of a lobbyist to assist with this effort.  On January 19, 2023; our members assisted us in a grassroots effort to contact members of the 2023 Public Health Committee in which the bill was being introduced.  HB478 passed in this committee with no "no" votes!    

We still need the help of our members to keep this bill alive. HB478 will be going before the Senate Public Health & Welfare Committee the afternoon of 2/28/23.  We are encouraging our members to utilize the committee member list below to contact the Senator in or near their district, asking for their support of HB478.  Simply, (1) access the template, (2) complete the highlighted information, (3) attach the OT Compact License Fact Sheet, and (4) email it to your representative.  This is our last push to get this bill passed!  

Any and all assistance with this effort is appreciated.  Feel free to contact MSOTA if you have any questions.

Senate Public Health & Welfare Committee member list.  Click here.

MSOTA (HB478) Legislative Alert email template.  Click here.

OT Compact License Fact Sheet.  Click here.