State CE Requirements

Current Regulations set the requirement of 20 contact hours (CH) or 2 Continuing Education Units (CEU) to be accrued during the licensure period. No carryover of continuing education hours from one licensure period to another shall be allowed. At least 30 percent (6 Contact Hours or .6 CEU) of the required continuing education must be directly related to the clinical practice of occupational therapy. The six (6) contact hours related to clinical practice shall be live face-to-face training i.e., no internet training, video training, television training, etc. Of the remaining required 14 hours of training, 50 percent or 7 hours may be non live face-to-face training. Non live training may include home study courses, video, internet, etc. All training shall be from approved sources.

Individuals applying for initial licensure within a licensing term must accrue continuing education hours on a prorated scale. Written notification of required hours will be sent to the applicant at the time of licensure.

For complete information please refer to: Regulations Governing Licensure of Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy    Assistants. (Pg 25-31) Last Accessed: 2015

MSDH Notice of Online CEU Exception for 2022 License Renewal